"Setting out on the voyage to Ithaca you must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences."
- Constantine Peter Cavafy "Ithaca"
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If you are passionate about history and about learning more about other countries’ heritage, your visit to Cape Town will offer you a lot of opportunities to explore the vibrant past of the city. You can either go on an organized tour or create your own itinerary to visit some of the exquisite historical buildings and museums of Cape Town.
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Sarah Palin’s infamous quote about seeing Russia from her doorstep has some truth to it. If you visit the remote island of Little Diomede you can see Russia’s island Big Diomede. At a mere 2.3 miles apart, the international dateline runs between the two islands separating Russia from the United States by a whole day.
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My heart skips when I spot the familiar road sign that leads to my hotel, and not just because I’m relieved to finally be here. For the next few days I’ll be residing on the Main Street of America: Route 66. Spanning nearly 2,500 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica, California, this iconic roadway is one of America’s most revered highways. That night I sleep like a newborn, waking only once to the melancholic trill of a distant train whistle.
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It was another delightful walk through historic buildings, on a bright sunny day. I’d set off that morning, my last full day in the city, to hike in Helsinki’s Central Park, north-west from where I was staying, after I’d already walked in the other regions of Finland’s capital in the previous two days of my visit. I walked through the middle of the park, stopping for breakfast in the middle of its thick forestry.
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The city of Agra in North India is synonymous with the Taj Mahal, the apogee of Mughal architecture in India. On a recent trip to New Delhi, we decided to visit this wonder of the world. I had visited the Taj once before years ago and now I wanted my daughter to experience it. Agra also has two other marvelous specimens of Mughal architecture ... the Agra Fort and Sikandra, two shining examples of Mughal legacy.
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Amman, Jordan’s capital city and home to over 4 million of the country’s 9 million people, is characterized by ancient Roman ruins and modernity’s coffeehouses. A city of contrasts, with its ancient origins on display in the heart of the city and among the city’s hilly terrain. Yet, it is no stranger to modern convinces with Samsung stores littered among the narrow winding streets and fast food franchises situated next to typical Jordanian eats.
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The beauty of Vienna, Austria is heard in the music at concert halls, the opera, churches and festivals and seen in the architecture, fashion, museums, art exhibitions, state outdoor parks, and markets. Vienna embraces both the Imperial and Contemporary ideals. Vienna is the “City of Music” and “Paris of the East”. The music and beauty of the city are unlike any other city in Europe.
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One of the jewels on the Adriatic coast is Sibenik, a city nestled along the coastline and surrounded by fortresses. But even with all the wars, Sibenik has remained firm in all its magnificence. Its architecture, people, food and overall atmosphere of the town are really welcoming. It is a city you can easily feel like you are at home.
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