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by Norman A. Rubin

Haunting tours to five US cities noted for their outstanding scandalous, murderous and strange behavior by a few of their illustrious and nefarious citizens – their ghosts and spirits still haunt the byways and thoroughfares of the cities.

The word 'ghost', is also called an apparition seen in one's imagination of a disembodied spirit or soul of a deceased person. Ghosts are often depicted as inhabiting haunted houses, public buildings, even the streets of a city. On a tour for the curious folk, the skeptics who will visit the haunted sites in the cities of America could make them a real believer in ghosts. There are many cities thought to be haunted in the United States and tour operators conduct ghost tours that might reveal paranormal activity of ghosts and spirits that roam the streets at the night hours. Five spectacular city tours are the must for a ghost hunter.

CHICAGO HAUNTING TOURS: Chicago's notorious past still haunts the streets of the city with grim turf wars by gangs of thug vying for illicit liquor distribution, the Lady in Red that led to killing of John Dillinger, the Saint Valentine's Massacre orchestrated by Al Capone, Frank Leavy's of the Chicago Fire department with the curse of the 'Hand of Death' , the Devil in the White City – H.H. Holmes and his Murder Castle, and other sites that will thrill ghost- seekers Many of the sites are noted for their ghost sightings and paranormal activity. The related stories behind many of these haunting sites will be told on the tour ranging from the truly chilling to the light-of heart. The faint of heart will wonder if the notorious Al Capone's ghost will be seen – maybe.
www.chicagohauntings.com ursulabielski@sbcglobal.net

NEW ORLEANS GHOST AND VAMPIRE TOUR: Walk the haunted streets where spirits, phantoms, and magic converge and become real! As you meander through the streets of the French Quarter the knowledgeable guide will thrill a participants of the tour with bizarre and fascinating true tales of centuries past and of the spirits present. The New Orleans Cemetery tour where one will visit the burial place of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans; The New Orleans Vampire tour will take you on Vampire sites – crime and other scandalous vampire recorded acts; Haunted hotels – Omni Royal Orleans Hotel where the ghost of an 18th century maid haunts the hotel and sometimes tucks guests into bed. See what other have seen in the past.
www.neworleansghosttour.com - info@neworleansghosttours.com

CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD HAUNTED TOUR: Within the tinsel and glamour of Hollywood there exist the scandalous and sometimes the murderous behavior of the stars of the silver screen. Your tour bus will take a believer, the curious from the haunted Hollywood Celebrity cemetery were the stars of the silver screen who have met their maker rest in peace to the Hotel Roosevelt, where some of this hotel's celebrity guests have never checked out of their room. The itinerary will take one to the palatial home where the Marilyn Monroe, the blonde bombshell took her last breath; the scene of the 'Black Dahlia' the most notorious unsolved murder in Hollywood's seedy past; the crime scene where Sharon Tate was brutally murdered by the ' Charles Manson Family'. There will be more to see that will send chills and thrills up and down one's spine - O J Simpson murder scene, the Tower of Terror, the Witch house, etc.
www.hauntedhollywoodtours.com - hauntedhollywoodtours@yahoo.com
www.starlinetours.com - info@starlinetours.com

GHOSTS OF NEW YORK, THE HAUNTED EXPERIENCE: " New York, New York, is a wonderful town…" but the city is the most haunted metropolis in America with spooky places, mysterious sightings of apparitions, and sites that correspond to the strange and unusual tales of centuries past, legendary stories, folk lore and ghostly experiences. On a tour one will be taken to the New Amsterdam Theatre - haunted by a Ziegfeld Follies chorus girl, Olive Thomas, who killed herself – Washington Square Park where in the past nefarious criminals were hanged on the very trees that stand today; The White Horse Tavern is the site where the poet Dylan Thomas drank himself to death; The house at 14 West 10th Street (near 5th Ave.) where more than twenty-two people have died there (The last notorious tenant to live there was Joel Steinberg who beat his daughter Lisa to death.); The Brittany Hotel where guests heard phantom music in the corridors and unknown footsteps in their rooms; and additional sites of murder, madness, suicide and scandal committed by the famous and infamous when they drew their last breath.
www.newyorktalksandwalks.com - drphil@newyorktalksandwalks.com
(The Spooks of New York)

HISTORIC SAVANNAH HAUNTING TOURS: The American Institute of Parapsychology has named Savannah "America's Most Haunted City". Why? The city's unofficial saying, "Savannah was built on its dead," that pays homage to its grave beginnings. During the reconstruction period after the Civil War the historic section of Savannah was built over seven cemeteries, with at least 9,000 graves – possibly more. Today there are some streets, byways and buildings around the city of Savannah that do exist on land where graves once were, or still are and where specters and spooks are to be seen. Tour operators in Savannah offers haunted pub crawls, hearse tours, paranormal trolley rides and of course mystifying walking adventures to meet the ghosts and spirits of the city.


Photographs from Wikimedia Commons.

Contributor's Bio:

Norman A. Rubin is a former correspondent for the Continental News Service (USA), now retired - busy writing articles and stories for Net sites and magazines worldwide. Google the author’s name for a review of his written work.