"Setting out on the voyage to Ithaca you must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences."
- Constantine Peter Cavafy "Ithaca"
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Our hearts were set on introducing our fellow travelers to the spectacular Na Pali Coast, globally renowned for its rugged, breathtaking grandeur, secluded beaches, rainbow waterfalls and, yes, challenging, daunting hikes. Three days of heavy rains and flooding foiled our plans. Steep treacherous cliffs and slick trails make for heart failing excitement, but, not the kind of excitement we were looking for.
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Harry continues driving along the route made famous in John Ford's classic film Stagecoach (1939) through an eerie, snow-dusted landscape of gouged, red-brown hills and gullies cradled by massive buttes. It’s as if nothing has changed since that time. But everything, including the Navajo’s traditional way of life, is changing.
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I thought a good way to remember Tallinn’s spelling is to separate it into ‘tall inn’; especially as one of its most famous inns has the very memorable name of Hell Hunt. The picture on the inn’s exterior is also distinctive: a wolf carrying a woman. I was relieved to read that the Estonian meaning is Gentle Wolf, and nothing to do with the hell and hunt of English language.
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The Cosmopolitan Hotel in San Diego California is the quintessential stagecoach hotel. This building actually holds the stories and perhaps the spirits of two different time periods and two different men who made their mark on the history of this state. The Cosmo, as she is affectionately known, has been called one of the most historically significant buildings in Californian history.
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River cruising on the Main, Danube and Rhine, we pass hillside vineyards and medieval architecture on our journey through the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. On either side of the river banks, we pass villages and towns that have existed for ages. River cruising is slow and relaxing as if gliding along on glass.
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“Stay calm and don’t look out the window!” I say to myself on the uphill bus ride from Málaga to Ronda in Spain. The remarks of some nervous tourists and the high speed of the fearless bus driver do not help. Nevertheless, I gaze in awe at the precipitous drops and cliffs on the left side of my window.
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The British Virgin Islands are home to a mystifying geological wonder commonly referred to as “The Baths”. Framing the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean along a pristine, white sandy beach, the Baths invariably evoke an astonishing, jaw-dropping reaction from all who visit this grand feat of Mother Nature.
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As you fly into Johannesburg you would expect to see the wild game from the runway. A safari or multiple safaris are a must when travelling to SA. The “Big Five” are the dream citing for anyone visiting South Africa. The Big Five are the Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Lion, Elephant, and the Leopard that is interchanged with the Cheetah by some.
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