"Setting out on the voyage to Ithaca you must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences."
- Constantine Peter Cavafy "Ithaca"
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Located in the South of France with a picture-perfect medieval old town, belle epoque villas, and a yearly average of 316 days of sunshine, it is easy to see why the seafront town of Menton is called the Pearl of France. It has also earned the title of the Lemon Festival Capital of the World. Every February when it hosts the Fete du Citron it becomes apparent why Menton has kept this well bestowed title for 84 years. The festival initially started as an exhibition of lemons, oranges and flowers and quickly grew into what it is today...the World's largest event celebrating citrus. The festival itself is held for approximately 19 days and coincides with the Carnaval in Nice.
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John Cummings, New Orleans attorney, is determined for us to know the real truth about slavery in the South. John Cummings is dedicating himself and millions of his own money to educating visitors who come to Whitney Plantation, with exhibits, artwork, tours and historic buildings that represent all victims of slavery in the United States.
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The Mediterranean has a variety of intriguing historic destinations. One way you can visit some of those fascinating historical sites is via a cruise. Cruise ships usually stop at ports in Italy, Spain, France and Greece, from which you visit some of the world's greatest museums and historical architecture.
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Hidden in fragrant forested areas of Delaware and Pennsylvania are three of the famous du Pont family mansions and gardens. These grand estates have something to draw all ages to witness the glorious past of American industrialism when it was fashionable to build a fortune and leave behind an estate for the publicís enjoyment.
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Echoes of clanking armor, clashing swords and horseís hooves conjure up images of Spanish conquistadors as you stroll along the cobblestone pathways of Santo Domingoís old center. Amidst this 500 year old backdrop you can almost envision yourself setting off to discover new worlds with Hernan Cortes.
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Sarah Palinís infamous quote about seeing Russia from her doorstep has some truth to it. If you visit the remote island of Little Diomede you can see Russiaís island Big Diomede. At a mere 2.3 miles apart, the international dateline runs between the two islands separating Russia from the United States by a whole day.
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The ground shakes with the ominous beat of drums. Passing by us are legions of solemn Roman soldiers, animal-skin clad barbarians with painted faces and colourful shields, ferocious gladiators wearing appropriate sandals, dancing maidens, priests, soothsayers and toga covered senators. We find ourselves in the midst of a Romans and Carthaginians Festival. .
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It is early morning and the sun is casting shadows on the monumental canyon walls leading into the Siq, a half-mile narrow passage used to enter and exit the ďrose cityĒ of Petra in the Kingdom of Jordan. Petra is more than 2,000 years old and has some magnificent and amazingly well-preserved buildings that were hand-carved.
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Now that the $5.4 billion project to double the Panama Canalís capacity in order to accommodate even bigger ships as they transverse the 77-kilometers between the Pacific and the Caribbean Oceans is complete, a new era begins for intrepid travelers interested in experiencing this historic wonder of our modern world.
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Baolis are step wells or reservoirs which were used in ancient India for conserving and storing water. The ruling clans of India, over the ages, have made many such baolis all across the states. Separate baolis were made for bathing and drinking purposes. Steps were made so that when the water levels go down; people would walk to the well and draw water.
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I reach Flagstaff, Arizona beneath a twinkling canopy of stars. The drive from Phoenix only takes a little over two hours. For the next few days Iíll be residing on the Main Street of America: Route 66. Spanning nearly 2,500 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica, California, this iconic roadway is one of Americaís most revered highways.
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