"Setting out on the voyage to Ithaca you must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences."
- Constantine Peter Cavafy "Ithaca"
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Ireland has been called the Land of Saints and Scholars because of its strong monastic tradition. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, brought Christianity to the island in the 5th century CE. Within one hundred years of his arrival numerous monastic settlements had sprang up around the country. These monasteries thrived over the centuries and became wealthy. Henry VIII, King of England and Ireland, viewed these monasteries as sources of untapped wealth during the Reformation and decreed that they should be closed or destroyed. As such you need to be very choosy about where to spend your valuable vacation time. Two sites that should not be missed are Glendalough and the Rock of Cashel.
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The Taos Pueblo, located at the base of the picturesque Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range, is considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited community in the USA and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site and a National Historic Landmark.
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It has been called the most beautiful drive in the World. And it is but a small part of the God's carven world of the seven Canadian National and B. C. Provincial Parks hugging the Rocky Mountains' Great Divide.
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The fall season is an exceptional time of year in New England, a short season that draws in thousands of so-called leaf-peepers during the last weeks of September and the first weeks of October. Visitors can enjoy the magnificence of soaring mountains or the quietness of a countryside dotted with picturesque farmsteads, barns, covered bridges and sugarhouses.
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During one of my annual trips to Spain, I decided to expand and enhance my adventures by visiting the exotic land of Morocco. I reserved a few nights here as I was also planning to visit Gibraltar that was a short bus ride away on the other side of the Spanish town of La Linea de Concepción.
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was once synonymous with steel and the home of some of the most iconic barons of finance and industry. But even as the steel industry in America has declined and the barons of generations past are no more, the city can boast one of the greatest collections of offbeat attractions of any major city.
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One day, in 1974, a group of Chinese farmers near the city of Xi’an set out to dig a well. What they found was to become world famous, and some of their finds would tour the major cities, for as many people as possible to see. Instead of water, they came face to face with soldiers. Not miniature soldier, but life-sized models, in terra cotta.
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Some 700 years ago an anonymous author wrote: “To be in Paris, is to be.” How apt those words were, I thought, as I strolled along the streets of Paris early one morning some months ago. My goal was to explore the two beautiful gems lying in the River Seine – the Ile de la Cité and the Ile Saint-Louis.
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I have been inexplicably drawn to its music and culture of New Orleans for most of my adult life. It’s a fascinating city, full of contradictions such as the enthusiastic celebrations of God and Satan that surround you all the time. It was so jam-packed with colourful characters and unforgettable oddities that it was impossible to see enough.
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A part of the world's collective fantasy, Samarkand has always glittered somewhere in the far distance. The magical Silk Road city all the world came to, yet distant enough to have something of the mythical about it. Despite modern transport the city still entices with the allure of the great city.
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Present day visitors to Sea of Galilee will discover “traditional” locations for some of Jesus’ miracles. Early Christian pilgrims selected these sites with little more than faith. Unfortunately no archeology is available from Jesus’ time to confirm the locations that were selected.
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I had heard next to nothing about South Korea’s coastline. I was surprised to find that it was beautiful and rugged, and even more surprised to find along that coastline a park filled with statues of penises. Not just a few penises, but lots and lots of penises.
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“There it is! I see it” The atmosphere became tenser. I looked at our guide, he was quiet too. (We were sitting here with our guide with the intention of spotting a Tiger) He pointed towards the trees and bushes across the lake and said “yes, looks like he is planning to charge and make a kill”.
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